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About Me 

Having been in the modeling, fitness, health, beauty and nutrition industries, I have learned that your body, skin and soul must be treated as a whole. I use my 12 years of experience and knowledge to help people accomplish their skin care goals by customizing treatment programs best suited for their needs. I am a Master Esthetician, trained and worked under two celebrity Estheticians, currently hold licenses in New York, New Jersey and Internationally. Certified in Oncology Esthetics, Licensed Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor. I am constantly staying educated in all things health, wellness and beauty in order to give my clients the best treatments and home care advice. 

Client Reviews

"I just had my first facial with Krystal and she was amazing! Not only does my skin look & feel incredible but I learned so much from her. Highly recommend!"
​Allyse M.

"I've been going to Krystal for several months now & always look forward to my monthly facials! She's extremely knowledgeable about all things skincare related & has an extensive background in the industry. I've purchased the products and services that she recommended to me & have seen a total turnaround in my skin. I was struggling with breakouts, dryness and some light lines (I'm creeping into my mid thirties) and my skin is now under control! The products that Krystal recommended to me are all natural and very high quality. I love my facials with Krystal and intend to keep coming regularly! :)"
Trina M.

"A must have facial with Krystal, relaxing and transformative. Treat yourself, you deserve it!"
Colleen C.

"I'm super particular about my skin, and I'm SO glad I went to Krystal. Not only does she assess YOUR needs and customize accordingly, but she seriously has magic fingers - I almost fell asleep multiple times. She also uses the most current products, techniques, and technology, so you know you're getting the best and most innovative treatments from her. My skin felt and looked amazing - I've never worn this little makeup to go out on a Saturday night! I'll definitely be going back monthly...if not more!"
Kate F.

"I rarely leave reviews on any site but I must say that after seeing Krystal for the second time, I felt the urge to highly recommend her. My skin felt and looked amazing both times, with lasting effects between the two appointments. Her massaging skills are devine: I felt very relaxed and happy. She is gentle but effective for extractions and uses great products that smell absolutely delicious. She is warm and friendly but also very discreet and quiet so that you can enjoy your facial. I particularly appreciated that she didn't criticize my skincare routine and didn't push products on me one bit (she simply provided samples which have been useful). Highly recommend!"

"I received the Deep Cleansing facial by Krystal after a trip from Japan. ( much needed) She cleaned my pores so well and then also gave me light therapy and an oxygen boost at the end! You really walk out of there feeling amazing, but the best was that my skin felt even better a week after. The facial that keeps on giving. She is the best."
Cheryl W.

"Krystal is amazing!! I have done spray tans, Microdermabrasion, acne facials, and micro-current facials with her. She always does an amazing job. Whether its an unsightly blemish I need to get rid of or just some hydration and rejuvenation she always knows what I need. Krystal is super knowledgeable about all things beauty and will make you look and feel amazing."
Ada A.

"Krystal has done several different treatments on my skin.  She has also set me up with a whole new line of products which I love! My skin looks so much better and brighter!! She really knows her stuff!"
Kerrie G.

"I have Had Krystal give me treatments and my skin has never looked better! I highly recommend. She explains everything that she is doing and why she is doing it!!"
Madi T.

"I received a series of chemical peels and LED treatments and am delighted with the results! The chemical peels really helped the texture of my skin - now it is is smooth and glowing. The LED was for brightening my skin, lightening my freckles and reducing the redness in some areas. I realized outside of drinking enough water, getting enough rest and exercise, to look like a celebrity, you must get these treatments regularly! Krystal uses her extensive experience and passion for skin care for real results."
Fair ‘n Balanced 1

"Long story short, Krystal is AMAZING and I will only be going to her for all my skincare needs!!!
I've battled a slew of skin issues throughout my 20's with my biggest issue being cystic acne and whiteheads. I've tried everything under the sun, drank even more water, went gluten/dairy/sugar free (all at the same time even), seen 5 different dermatologists, went through 9 months of Accutane and still, STILL had recurring acne coupled with combo sensitive skin. Totally at the end of my rope, I scheduled my first appointment with Krystal. The very first thing she said to me when I walked in was "Ok, I want to see results with you." And results we saw. I went from counting upwards of 20 pimples on my face, to clear skin in a matter of weeks.
She learned how my skin reacts to stressors, asked tons of questions, and gave me advice tailored to my needs and lifestyle. She worked hand in hand with me from day 1 and recommended products that I now use that have been phenomenal for my skin.
If you're looking for an experienced, talented, results driven esthetician who gives a personalized experience to all her clients, book with Krystal!!"

Arielle M.

"Krystal is amazing! She customizes every facial for your needs, and walks you through the process to get the best skin! She cares about her clients, and I also walk out feeling amazing and relaxed!"

Bianca H.

"Krystal has all the newest and best technology for facials - that get the most incredible results - fast! My skin is glowing and brighter from her chemical peels and LED treatment. Check her out!"

Amy M.

"My acne has never been under control until I started going to Krystal. She works wonders! Fine line and wrinkles are GONE! She has State of the art equipment that I’ve only seen in 5 star resort spas. I can’t rave enough about Skin care by Krystal!"

Kirsty M.

"Krystal really cares about her clients and tailors treatments for your individual needs and lifestyle to achieve your best results. I get compliments on my skin all the time. I always credit Krystal. My Mother always told me growing up, "You only get one face. You have to take care of it." Krystal will help you do that. She has tons of great equipment. Be sure to ask for the red light to be added to your treatment."

Linda T.

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